My experience

I have trained for over 10 years in psychiatric and clinical settings in New York City including Bellevue Hospital, Brooklyn College Counseling Center, and the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research.  I completed my APA Accredited Pre-doctoral Internship at North Central Bronx Hospital.  Working and training in these venues has given me a unique perspective on life in New York City, and the challenges faced by everyone who lives here. 

In addition to clinical venues, I have also worked over ten years as part of the City University of New York as an academic counselor, program developer, researcher, and grant writer.   In these roles, I have focused on the use of personal, academic, career, and professional storytelling to help people identify and change difficult life narratives.

Finally, I supervise and teach mental health counseling classes at Fordham University in their MHC program.  Working both under supervision as a clinician, and as a supervisor to training clinicians has given me a unique window into clinical work and allowed me to think about therapy in new and useful ways.